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Consultation launched on Orkney net zero vision

Orkney’s community planning partnership, has released a draft vision for Orkney’s just transition to net zero and is inviting feedback from the Orkney community.

The vision, would see a commitment from public agencies and businesses from various sectors to work together to address the pressing challenges of climate change while ensuring fairness and equity for all members of our community.

It has been developed by the Orkney Partnership, which brings together public organisations including Orkney Islands Council (OIC), NHS Orkney and emergency services, alongside third sector services. Many community and business groups are active in developing the partnership’s community plan and in delivering it.

The draft sets out principles and an approach to reducing climate change emissions, enhancing sustainability, and promoting resilience in Orkney.

This includes underscoring the importance of an approach that recognises the connections between social, economic, and environmental factors and how these could all come together to achieve a sustainable future.

OIC will be considering its own strategic approach to climate change at a future meeting of the policy and resources committee, including how this fits with the partnership’s vision.

The document is available on https://www.orkney.gov.uk/Files/Consultations/Draft%20-%20Orkney%20vision%20for%20net%20zero%20-%2029%20April%202024.pdf

Feedback can be submitted via email to community.planning@orkney.gov.uk until June 9.