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Further break-in at old Balfour Hospital site

Tuesday night, May 21, saw yet another break in at the site of the old Balfour hospital, NHS Orkney has revealed.

The New Scapa Road site, which is not open to the public, has seen a spate of break-ins recently.

NHS Orkney have said “rapid action” has been taken with additional security precautions put in place such as barriers, railings and boarding on the windows.

A spokeswoman for NHS Orkney said: “Those who are breaking and entering are putting their own health and safety at risk.

“Breaking windows, climbing in through skylights, starting fires and jumping on and off the roof which could lead to a serious accident.

“We have reported each of these incidents to Police Scotland and have provided evidence, including photographs.

“We’d like to thank the local officers for their assistance as we continue to make the site as secure as possible.

“Thank you to those who informed us about the break-ins. We ask our community to stay safe and to report any further break-ins to Police Scotland by calling 101.”