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Kickstart Scheme

ADVERTORIAL: Take on a young person… and you’ll be amazed at what you get in return.

Kickstart is a £2billion UK Government scheme to support creation of quality paid work placements for young people.

The Orkney Economic Recovery Steering Group have already made a ‘gateway bid’ to the scheme for over thirty placements from interested local employers – if successful, additional employers will be able to add placements through our gateway.


Employers can now apply direct to the Kickstart scheme at www.gov.uk/kickstart for any number of placements.

What young people get:

  • Enhance and develop their skills and boost confidence
  • Positive steps into employment
  • contribute to their business community

What employers get:

  • Minimum wage paid for 25 hours a week for 6 months
  • £1.5k grant to employers for setup and support costs
  • Enhance your business with new staff and fresh ideas

Want to know more? www.orkney.gov.uk/kickstart or phone Kerry Spence at OIC on 01856 87 35 35 ext 2408