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Notice of election published

The notice of election for the Scottish Parliamentary election was published today, Monday.

The election will be held on Thursday, May 6 to elect MSPs to the Scottish Parliament.   

Voters will have two votes. One of these elects an MSP to represent the Orkney Constituency. The  other elects regional representatives from a list of political parties and individual candidates.

Everyone in Scotland is represented by eight MSPs, one for their constituency (e.g. Orkney) and seven for the larger region in which they live (e.g. Highlands and Islands).

Nomination papers for prospective candidates wishing to represent the Orkney constituency can be submitted at the council offices in Kirkwall from Tuesday 16 March until 4pm on Wednesday, March 31. This can be done between 10am and 1pm and from 2pm to 4pm on any working day.

The papers can be downloaded from www.orkney.gov.uk/May21

They can also be obtained from the election team at the council offices at the same times as above.

To make an appointment to obtain or submit papers, contact the election team on 01856 886350 or by emailing electionoffice@orkney.gov.uk

Completed nomination papers require a £500 deposit and signatures from the nominee and a witness.

The Notice Election can be viewed here www.orkney.gov.uk/May21

People aged 16 or over on 6 May can vote in the election. If you are not already registered to vote you should to this by April 19. You can do this online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Although polling stations will be open with COVID-19 safety measures in place, the Election Team is encouraging people to consider the option of voting by post.

If you’re registered to vote, you can download an application form for a postal vote at www.orkney-shetland-vjb.co.uk

Once completed, the form can be posted to the Electoral Registration Office, 8 Broad Street, Kirkwall KW15 1NX, or a scanned copy can be sent by email to ero@orkney.gov.uk

Alternatively, phone our local Electoral Registration Office on 01856 876222 or email ero@orkney.gov.uk  to request an application form.