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Stay spooky, but safe, this Hallowe’en, say police

bats-headerPolice are urging people to enjoy Hallowe’en in a safe and enjoyable manner, but are warning against using it as an excuse for anti-social behaviour.

With Hallowe’en upon us, local officers are appealing for parents, youths and community groups to assist in making this year’s festivities safe and fun and that irresponsible behaviour and vandalism is avoided.

A spokesman said: “Hallowe’en should be a fun and family-oriented time of year.  Unfortunately, it is also a busy time of the year for emergency services.  It is not uncommon to see increased reports of anti-social behaviour and disorder.

“I would ask parents to make sure they know the whereabouts of their children and to make sure they are not spoiling the fun for others, causing a nuisance, committing anti-social behaviour or damaging property.”

With patrols out and about tomorrow, revellers are reminded that what might seem like a prank to some, might actually frighten or upset others.

“We hope that with the support of parents, retailers, license trade and communities themselves, we can work together and help make Halloween safe and enjoyable.

“Individuals are also being urged to pay close attention to their own personal safety. We are asking that those choosing to celebrate stay in well-lit areas, ensure you can be seen, even consider carrying a torch.  It will be dark and it is vital to stay visible so passing traffic can see you.”