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We Can’t Stop the Storms but We Can Bin the Wipes


We can all see that Scotland’s climate is changing. With severe weather, storm water can overwhelm sewers which are blocked with wipes and other items that shouldn’t be flushed. So, what can we all do to help avoid sewer overflows?

Our teams are called out over 36,000 times a year to clear sewer blockages. Wipes cause almost all of those. That’s why we’ve called for a ban on wipes made with plastic. They never really break down. They clump together with fats, oil and grease. So, when it rains, dirty water and horrible wipes get forced out of sewers.

That’s bad news for you, your neighbours and nature. Wipes spoil riversides, litter beaches, and harm fish and birds. But you can help a lot by doing a little. Please dispose of wipes in the bin, not down the loo, and don’t slop fats, oil or grease down the sink.

When nature calls, there’s a world to save. Please bin the wipes and join the wave.