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Young Orkney writer shares her work at national event

17-year-old writer Beth Banerjee-Richards shared her latest work at the National Library of Scotland, last night.

A young Orkney writer was given the chance to present her work at a national event, last night, as she took part in Scottish Book Trust’s What’s Your Story showcase.

17-year-old Beth Banerjee-Richards, who lives in Kirkwall, joined some of Scotland’s top teen creatives at the National Library of Scotland for a night of storytelling. She took the opportunity to present her latest work, a story about a woman from Ancient Rome called Aurelia.

This was the culmination of Beth’s work with the What’s Your Story project, which saw her take part in activities designed to encourage young writers and illustrators. This year the programme worked with seven Scottish teenagers, aged 14-17, were selected from all over Scotland.

What’s Your Story? has offered me more opportunities than I could have imagined,” explained Beth.

“From the mentorship to interviewing authors that I’ve loved for a long time at the Edinburgh International Book festival, it’s been absolutely amazing. I hope What’s Your Story? will go on for many years!”