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Go behind the scenes at Kirkwall Sheriff Court

Kirkwall Sheriff Court, will open its doors to the public this Saturday.

This Saturday, Kirkwall Sheriff Court will open its doors to members of the public, allowing folk to take a tour, hear about the history of the building, and even take part in a mock trial.

There will be two events at the court — situated at Watergate between the Historic Scotland sites of the Earls and Bishops Palaces — on Saturday, September 23, one at 11am and the other at 3pm.

The event is part of Doors Open Day, a nationwide festival celebrating heritage and the built environment of Scotland.

More than 800 buildings are expected to open, generating over 200,000 visits to sites and hidden architectural gems of all kinds in locations throughout the county.

Sheriff clerk depute at Kirkwall Sheriff Court, Laura Beth Macvie, said: “The events will begin with a brief talk on the history of Kirkwall Sheriff Court, an introduction from a variety of people involved with the justice system, followed up by a mock trial in which visitors may be selected to sit on the jury and afterwards will be able to meander the building and investigate areas the general public are not normally in a position to see.”

Although the event is free, those wishing to attend require a ticket, available from the sheriff clerk’s office in advance.