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OIC tightens up policy to combat mould and dampness in homes

A new policy to combat issues with dampness, mould and condensation in social housing has been adopted by OIC.

Orkney Islands Council has adopted a policy to guide how it deals with dampness, mould and condensation in its housing stock.

Housing officials have in the past had processes to log and tackle problems which tenants reported to them.

But these have been developed and formalised in a policy which include more pro-active measures.

The Orcadian has reported the concerns of a series of social housing residents over the last year, who have raised concerns over black mould, damp and condensation, and the manner in which their concerns and complaints were dealt with.

Frances Troup, head of community learning, leisure and housing, said the number of complaints OIC has received in recent years about dampness and mould has been relatively low.

Ms Troup said the new policy includes checking if there is a need to inspect properties similar to those of any found to have a problem.

It had also led to moves to improve feedback to tenants and develop staff training.

She said: “It’s about tightening up the processes we already had in place.”

Read more in The Orcadian next week.