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NHS Orkney seeks opinions on future strategy

NHS Orkney is developing its future strategy, and the organisation is keen to listen to the views and feedback from patients and the wider community.

The aim, according to those running the health authority, is to make the corporate strategy one which is “shaped by you, for you”.

Once developed, the new strategy will become NHS Orkney’s “compass” and will, with its clinical strategy, determine every decision made by the organisation.

The authority’s chief executive, Laura Skaife-Knight, said: “Involving our patients, carers, local community, partners, external stakeholders, and staff in the development of our new strategy is key, so that it is meaningful to everyone. This is our community and your views matter to us.

“Following a period of engagement and listening in January and February, we will launch our new strategy in April, setting out our vision for the future.”

 NHS Orkney board chairperson, Meghan McEwen, said: “Hearing your views and voices is the key to unlocking the full potential of this opportunity. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to take the time and share their thoughts with us, so we can work together to develop a strategy that will ensure our community is at the heart of all we do.

“Our new corporate strategy is what we will use to guide us, and how we will communicate and engage with you about the progress we are making towards our shared goals.

“NHS Orkney is continuing to learn and recover from incredible challenge and change, reconnecting with our community and hearing what matters is a key step in that process. I look forward to the listening sessions, and learning from our community about what matters and how NHS Orkney can play our part in keeping our community the wonderful place it is.”

A short survey is open online now. Face-to-face and virtual sessions will be held across Orkney to allow wider discussions and conversations focused on what the Corporate Strategy should look like.

More information on the dates and times for these sessions will be posted on NHS Orkney’s website and across its social media channels. To find out more about the survey, visit www.ohb.scot.nhs.uk/news/have-say-our-future-corporate-strategy