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Streamline expands operations following Menzies’ exit

James Roberts, operations director at Streamline Shipping Group, which has taken over Menzies Distribution’s Orkney and Shetland operations.

Streamline Shipping Group has now taken over from Menzies Distribution who ceased their Orkney and Shetland services in December.

The firm has taken on management of facilities responsible for transporting goods to remote communities on the outer islands, as well as enabling national brands and services to continue supporting island communities.

Around half of Menzies staff have also moved over to Streamline.

James Roberts, operations director at Streamline Shipping Group, said: “For over four decades Streamline has supported Orkney and Shetland with reliable delivery services. We are proud to use this opportunity to grow our level of support, ensuring individuals and businesses maintain strong logistical links with mainland UK and beyond.”

Streamline employs over 80 staff on the islands, delivering around 685,000 parcels in 2023 — including nearly 81,000 in the Christmas run-up, from December 1-23.

Mr Roberts continued: “During the handover from Menzies, Streamline inherited a backlog of delayed parcels, due to the festive season and weather conditions, but thanks to the remarkable efforts of our teams this has already been resolved.

“We have invested significantly over the years in the infrastructure required to effectively serve Orkney and Shetland, and our teams are fully capable of integrating the increased capacity. We look forward to working with the communities on the islands for many years to come.”