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Stronsay rallies to fundraise for charity helping Orkney newborn

Jacqui Smith and Kevin Foulis felt fortunate to have the support of Ronald McDonald House while their baby Ronnie receives treatment at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow for a life-threatening heart condition.

The Stronsay community has rallied to support a charity which came to the aid of young couple whose baby boy was flown to Glasgow for lifesaving treatment at just one day old.

This week, the Jacqui Smith and Kevin Foulis told The Orcadian how fortunate they felt when Ronald McDonald House stepped in, when they discovered their son Ronnie would need ongoing treatment in Glasgow for a heart condition.

The charity, provides free accommodation for the families of sick children, gave the couple a home from home when they felt at their most vulnerable.

In the past year alone, six Orkney families benefited from the service this charity provides.

In a bid to support baby Ronnie, the community in Jacqui’s home island of Stronsay have mounted a fundraiser for the charity, to culminate in a coffee afternoon, next weekend.

Ronald Mcdonald House Glasgow has been providing this support to families from all over Scotland for over  25 years. With an annual running cost in the region of £900,000, it welcomed 500 families in the last year alone.

Every £85 donated can provide free accommodation to a family for a night. You can support the charity by attending the coffee afternoon on Sunday, April 21, at Stronsay Community Hall,1.30-3.30pm, or by donating to the JustGiving page on www.justgiving.com/page/jacqui-smith-1712416589465

Read more about how the charity has helped Jacqui, Kevin and Ronnie, in this week’s edition of The Orcadian, available now in shops and online.