Cruise Arrivals


Uppie break sees ba’ touch the wall

Craig Ross holds the ba’ aloft.

Craig Ross was declared the winner of a frenetic and dynamic first men’s Ba’ of 2024, as an Uppie break turned the tide of a compelling near two-hour contest.

Deep into Doonie territory at the former Odin Stone shop, confusion reigned as a lightning quick break released some Uppie runners, travelling the ba’ from Junction Road, up Mounthoolie Lane to Albert Street, and from there through Broad Street, Victoria Street and Main Street where the trophy touched Mackinson’s Corner.

By the time many of the spectators arrived at the Uppie goal, the debate to decide who would take the ba’ home was already well under way before Craig Ross, 49, who has played in the Ba’ since he was 15, held aloft in front of a jubilant crowd.

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